Cosmetology can also be your career

Cosmetology involves the study and practice of beauty treatments, including hairstyling, nail care, skin care and makeup. Depending on his or her interest, a cosmetologist can choose to specialize in one or more of these areas.

Cosmetology Career Information

A cosmetologist may wear a number of different professional hats. For example, a cosmetologist may be a hairstylist, barber, perm or hair colour specialist, manicurist, pedicurist, make-up artist, esthetician or combination of these roles, sharing the goal of enhancing clients’ appearance and style.

A cosmetologist’s typical day may consist of any number of duties, including cutting and styling hair, performing scalp massages, applying hair color and other chemical treatments, doing makeup and teaching clients how to perform these treatment and techniques in their own homes.

Experienced and successful cosmetologists with additional administrative skills can go on to work as a salon owner or manager, sales representative or cosmetology school instructor. Other career options for cosmetologists include becoming an image consultant, makeup artist or an independent stylist working with photo shoots, movies, advertisements and fashion shows.

Employment Facts

Cosmetologists and other personal appearance workers typically work in hair salons and barbershops, although there are those who work in spas or resorts. Some cosmetologists are self employed. Those who are either lease space in salons or own their own shops. Many jobs are part-time positions. Hours typically include evenings and weekends because that is when clients are available. Self-employed cosmetologists usually work long hours.

Today, the Beauty and Wellness sector has gained prominence in India and displayed consistent and remarkable growth, making it a potentially significant contributor to economic growth and a leading employer creating millions of employment opportunities across the breadth of the country.

As per the report by Global Hospitality Consultant HVS, India was listed as one of the top 20 Spa countries worldwide. Combining the benefits of Rejuvenation & Alternate Therapy services along with holiday packages has become increasingly popular. Moreover, Ayurveda , MedSpa, Natural and Resort based Spa rejuvenation centers are estimated to contribute over 30 percent of the total income in the tourism industry. Yoga and meditation courses have also attracted the attention of the tourists and travelers.

The wellness industry in India is poised to touch Rs. 1,00,000 crore (Rs 1 trillion) by 2015, with a compounded annual growth rate of 15-17%, from about Rs 70,000 crore in 2012 , with a likely shortage of ~600,000 skilled personnel by 2016. FICCI-PwC report had forecast that the number of people employed in the Wellness space could potentially almost treble from over 1 million lakh in 2011 to 3 million by 2015.

The rapid growth in beauty and wellness industry along with the entry of giant organized players both nationally and globally, has led to huge demand for trained personnel. However, there is a huge deficit in the availability of skilled and trained personnel. This talent deficit poses extreme threat to the growth and expansion of the whole beauty and wellness industry. In the Beauty and Wellness industry, only 20% to 30% of the total market share is controlled by the organized players. The rest of the market is unorganized and fragmented with the presence of small and regional players.

Educational Requirements

To become a cosmetologist you will need to attend a state-licensed training school and be at least 18 years old. The training doesn’t stop here. Most people who work in this field continue to take advanced courses that help them stay abreast of the latest trends.

Skill development courses available

Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY)

Under the Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY), the following job roles are identified in the Beauty and Wellness sector. The minimal education qualification for the roles is preferably Class VIII / ability to read / write and communicate for the job role.

Name of the Job Role Type NSQF level Assessment fees/candidate Reward amount / candidate
Pedicurist & Manicurist Technical 3 Rs 1200 Rs 10,000
Assistant Beautician Technical 3 Rs 1200 Rs 10,000
Assistant Hair stylist Technical 3 Rs 1200 Rs 10,000

For more information on the qualifications, training centres, job role,visit

Craftsmen Training Scheme by Ministry of Labour and Employment

The following trades are covered. The minimum age for admissions to Industrial Training Institutes is 14 years with no upper limit.

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